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About Us

Who we are? :

Incorporated in 1992, Kisco Castings' commitment to strive for quality has developed it into a steel house for customers. Equipped with most modern technology and efficiency, educated and motivated workforce, it has developed consistent quality products that have time and again exceeded the expectation of its customers. Started from an opportunity in the small town in North India called Khanna, Kisco is abbreviated as Khanna Iron and Steel Corporation.

Kisco takes necessary care in coordinating and streamlining its production cycle to ensure customer satisfaction by timely execution of its orders. With its never ending quest for long term customer relationships, pre and post sales technical support has become an integral part of its system, which includes services like material selection, economic feasibility analysis and process engineering. Apart from the systems and facilities, dynamic approach of its valuable customers and employees is the key to the success of the company.

After forging strong foundation in steel, Kisco has demonstrated its mettle again by taking up the task of establishing a healthy foundation. Basic Healthcare Products, another manufacturing company, is established with the vision to maximize product values for patients and become a leading medical device company. Basic Healthcare Products is involved in researching and developing orthopaedic implants based on ceramic and metal processing technology. It has setup India's first Indian-FDA approved orthopaedic implant manufacturing facility in India. The facility is equipped with state-of-the art machinery and equipment in both machine shop and ceramic processing facility. The facility is also an ISO Class V facility to ensure the highest level of quality of its products that are supplied in the sterile form.

The highest quality is achieved at Kisco with the help of strong R&D support and stringent quality control norms strictly adhering to ISO 9001:2008 standards. Kisco Castings recently went multi-national with the launch of its new venture in US under the name Kisco Global LLC. Kisco Global LLC is the US subsidiary that procures excellent quality steel scrap for Kisco Castings and does sales and marketing for its range of products. Kisco always welcomes business opportunities for join collaboration of technology in casted rolls, castings, forgings among others. With the launch of Kisco Global LLC, Kisco Castings (India) Limited now has better control on the quality of steel.

Mantra :

Deliver reliable products with trust and commitment?
Kisco is constantly looking to gain visibility in the market as a quality company, exceeding customer expectations, providing excellent quality and being recognized as the most successful company in the steel industry working efficiently and effectively.

Management :

Managing Director :

Kuldeep Goel is a visionary and a true leader. Being the chairman of the group of companies, he has grown the business from a steel company 'Kisco Castings' to a multi-facet group with interest across various segments including steel, financial services and healthcare. His business pursuit and rich experience of over 30 years have allowed the group to look at market with a single objective - Delivery at its Best. He always believed in maintaining high quality standards and operational efficiency. Today, the group of companies has direct customers across various countries in Indian sub-continent, Middle, United Kingdom and South American Countries and indirect customers all over the world.

Being the Managing Director of Kisco Castings (India) Limited he has grown the company from a small acquisition to a quality steel house manufacturing different varieties of casted rolls, ingots, castings, rolled and forged products. Under his supervision Kisco Castings has gone multi-national with its new venture in US, Kisco Global LLC.

Director of Technology :

Abhishek Goel is a young entrepreneur with a vision to bring technology closer to common man for the benefit, at large. He is a graduate from IIT Delhi in Manufacturing Science. He has publications in the field of manufacturing management and a patent for his novel machine design. To complement his technical achievements, he has worked with Deloitte and Touche, global management consulting firm, for five years in the USA. His experience in the USA was across multiple industries including medical devices, healthcare, insurance, banking, credit card and automotive. His excellence at various stages in his career at Deloitte has given him opportunities to work on projects spread across seven continents.

Abhishek has been involved with Kisco Castings since its inception but has focused on it since 2006. He has been instrumental in developing some in-house technologies to further improve the quality of steel both in process and in product. He has helped Kisco Castings get accredited with ISO 9001:2008 certification helping make necessary changes to meet international standards. Currently, Abhishek is working as a Managing Director of his new venture. Basic Healthcare is a medical device company promoting niche product of synthetic bone grafts and trauma implants for use in orthopedic applications. Besides these, Basic Healthcare also research, produce and market customized bone graft application products for use in Neurosurgery.

Director of Operations and International Marketing :

Raghav Goel considers himself a pragmatist more than an entrepreneur with a vision of bridging the gap between science and technology. He is a graduate from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science. With his education in metallurgy, he has gone forward to completing a Masters in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University, USA. At Stanford, Raghav's focus was Production and Operations Management. During this course, he has worked on a number of projects in supply chain, marketing, new product development etc. He has been involved with Kisco Castings since 2003 in a consulting role. Apart from Metallurgy, Raghav has also worked on nanomaterials with state of the art equipments at research laboratories both in US and Canada. It is while doing research he realized, the wide gap between research and commercialization. He is constantly looking for opportunities to bridge this gap. His hobbies are photography, running, football and travel. He also keeps himself updated with happenings in the field of renewable energy, especially solar technology.