Kisco Castings (India) Limited has grown from a local steel business to a brand with an international presence and recognition. We here at Kisco understand that people is the key to our growth and success. We consider people, an asset to the organization and hence we retain talent and generously reward good work. With a flat hierarchy, everybody can reach the senior management and seek advice from time to time.

Kisco is consistently looking for smart, efficient and motivated people who can deliver. If you interested, please send in your resume and cover letter. If you got talent, we will find the right position for you.


As you pursue your interest at college we invite you to an experience in helping us solve one of the real life problems. We are happy to offer you a 3 months to 1 year project experience. You will be working on problem statements designed based on your background and interest. We encourage individuals with interest or technical background in metallurgy or material science or individuals pursuing an MBA. Project experience will help you understand the intricacies of the business in different domains. You will report directly to the senior management. If you are interested please send your resume and cover letter to

Candidates with Work Experience

Candidates with work experience in metallurgy or material science, can expect to get started with work from day one. Gradually, they will be expected to take up challenges and initiatives to run the projects, verticals, domains of the business on their own.

If you are interested in becoming a part of Kisco, please send your resume to: